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2018 Graphic Design Trend #11 – Tactile, Bespoke Print

In a world where we’re all bombarded by digital, sometimes it’s easy to switch off to online marketing. So nothing beats the tactile and impactful 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #10 – Authentic Photography

Authentic photography used to be commonplace – an essential part of advertising up until the late 90s. The advent of stock libraries saw a decline 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #09 – Moving Everything

Captivating and cost effective to produce, animated stills, GIFs and Cinemagraphs are set to be huge in 2018. To appreciate that movement is now expected 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #08 – Glitch and Ruined Effect

Probably the most fad-like trend covered in this piece, the glitch and ruined effect has been used by a number of big brands recently, like 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #07 – Hyper Minimalism

Contrary to a number of trends we have covered, extreme minimalism will also be popular, especially online. UI and UX will employ this approach by 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #07 – Hand Drawn Illustrations

In keeping with 2018’s trend towards creativity and originality, hand-drawn images will be popular too. They provide a softer and more personal touch to a 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #06 – Modern Still Life

Intertwined with the trend towards real photography, modern still life is an intriguing style to look out for. Well composed collections of 3D objects – 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #05 – Styles Crossing

As with illustrations on photos, styles crossing will be big in 2018. Two key factors have contributed to the sea of sameness that exists in 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #04 – Illustrations on Photos

This current trend is inspired by Snapchat and Instagram, although its roots are found in the 60s and 70s where popular artwork often reflected the 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #03 – Bigger and Braver Type

As brands battle to stand out from the crowd, we think that typography in 2018 will be bigger, braver and better than ever before. Huge 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #02 – Negative Space in Typography

Another interesting typography trend for 2018 is negative space. Negative space is the empty space in a design that forms a special shape, and we 

2018 Graphic Design Trend #01 – Alternative Structure in Typography

At Sutton Young we’ve been creating beautiful designs for a number of New Zealand’s biggest brands since 2003. In this blog post series, our four